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Why should you go organic in your beauty products?

Collaborating with Essential Embrace

Thinking of going all natural with your skin care products?

Now more than ever is going natural more beneficial for you, in this article we highlight the true value of going organic and natural. 

Switching to a natural & organic skin care regimen gives you peace of mind, knowing that

don’t have to worry about harmful and toxic added chemicals in your beauty products.

Essential Embrace is a small business run by a mother ( Carollynn Croker) and daughter ( Jessica Leigh Mac Innes) in the UK who decided to share their love for natural and organic skincare. Essential Embrace formulate and supply their own natural & organic skincare products made with only the best and naturally sourced ingredients. 

They encourage the use of natural skincare products, reducing the need for harmful and toxic chemicals – which we know are harmful and may cause certain allergic reactions to your skin.  Essential Embrace encourage recycling & sustainability by ensuring all their packaging are biodegradable or reusable.

Essential Embrace encourage self-love, confidence, positivity, and wellbeing.

They support charities and therefore, pledge to donate a percentage of their profits to different causes so that they may encourage change in the world.

Link & bio: https://essentialembrace20.wixsite.com/website-2/about

There are many benefits associated with using all natural skincare products on your skin, from improving the health of your skin to contributing to a safer environment , here are a few benefits for going natural when it comes to your skin products:

What does Organic mean ?

Organic ingredients derived from plant sources. All ingredients are grown without pesticides, bioengineered genes, or petroleum-based fertilizers, which could be toxic to the environment. Natural products are simply derived from natural sources without added synthetic compounds.1

Organic products are Hypoallergenic

Hypoallergenic (less likely to cause an allergic reaction)

Without harsh chemicals, organic skincare products are less likely to cause allergic reactions, inflammations or irritations. If an allergic reaction does occur with the use of organic products, it would most likely be due to a natural ingredient you have sensitive skin, using products with natural ingredients could be making things worse if those natural ingredients are common allergens — tea tree oil, citruses, fragrances, ylang-ylang, lavender, mint are all common allergens, which would be easier to identify. 2

Natural skin care products are much more gentle on the skin

One of the biggest problems with synthetic skincare products is that they’re harmful to some individuals’ skin. Certain ingredients contained within these products can cause everything from swelling to redness to itchiness to outright allergic reaction. For this reason, they’re better avoided altogether.

Ingredients to look out for in your products include :

  • Parabens,
  • Sulfates,
  • Petrochemicals,
  • Synthetic dyes,
  • Propylene glycol,
  • Triclosan
  • Parabens
  • BHA (Beta hydroxy acids)
  • Petrochemicals
  • DEA (Diethanolamine
  • MEA
  • TEA (Triethanolamine)
  • Propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol
  • Triclosan
  • Synthetic Dyes
  • Talc3

Synthetic cosmetics contain human-made chemicals such as sodium laurel, mineral oils, laureth sulphate, and toxins that could be residues of pesticides. Studies show that they can contain mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, and other chemicals and, with long term use, can cause, for example, skin irritation, hormone imbalance, and even cancer.4

This is why it’s generally a better idea to opt for natural products. Natural products are free of irritants, and, instead of being a detriment to the skin, they are actually beneficial to it.

They’re Safer

When compared to synthetic skincare products, natural skincare products are much safer as with eating organic food5. This is because the ingredients contained within natural products are much safer than those contained in synthetic products.

You are helping preserve the environment by being a green consumer

Because natural products are organically grown ingredients that are free from toxic pesticides and fertilizers , they don’t leave a harmful footprint on our precious mother earth as you are putting fewer toxic chemicals into the environment and water, contributing to a safer and cleaner environment.6

What is a green consumer?

The green consumer is concerned about the environment and the sustainability, and they have certain characteristics and preferences when they buy organic and natural cosmetics7. By being a green consumer you actively meet the below characteristics when making buying decisions:

  • The quality of the product goes beyond the intrinsic characteristics. For them, the most important is the environmental impact of production and consumption in accordance with environmental preservation;
  • They are willing to pay a higher price for an organic product;
  • The package design should be simple, using just a few materials;
  • Consumers prefer products with biodegradable, recyclable or returnable packaging;
  • They don’t like to carry the groceries in plastic packaging;
  • They prefer product without synthetic dye;
  • They refuse products that contain raw material derived from endangered flora;
  • They refuse to consume products derived from animals, whenever it involves their sacrifice;
  • They search for organic products;
  • The consumer is concerned about safety and they believe that natural products are safer and more effective.
  • They are aware of the culture and behaviour of the companies;
  • They value social and environmental responsibility;
  • They do not accept products tested on animals.

No artificial fragrances products

Artificial fragrances in many products often tend to cause headaches and sensitivity, while parabens can alter the function of the endocrine system in your body.8

Their Manufacture Doesn’t Harm Animals

When you buy organic Skincare products, you are buying cruelty-free skincare products and also supporting the move towards abolishing animal testing in the industry.9

The beauty industry has received backlash for conducting animal testing for their products to ensure that they are safe for human use. Organic products don’t need to, because, with natural ingredients, they’re safe and harmless. If you’re against animal testing and for the humane treatment of animals, natural skincare products are the best way to go. They will prevent you from contributing to harmful and malicious practices.

They’re Packed with Beneficial Nutrients

The most poignant way to highlight the differences between synthetic and natural skincare products is to inspect their ingredients.

When you look at the ingredient label on a synthetic product, you’ll see the ingredients mentioned in  the above section ( Natural skin care products are much more gentle on the skin.  All these ingredients are made in labs, and, while capable of performing their function, can be detrimental to the body.

Natural products, on the other hand, are filled with familiar-sounding ingredients such as jojoba oil, argan oil, apple juice, lemon juice, and so on and so forth. These ingredients are not only not harmful to the body, but they’re actually beneficial, in fact. 10

This is due to the fact that they contain vitamins and compounds such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Resveratrol, alpha-hydroxy acid, and more, all of which help the body to function at optimal levels.11

So next time you reach for your skin care products or click online ask yourself , is this choice of skin care product all natural and organic? 

For more information on Essential Embrace contact essentialembrace20@gmmail.com

Article written by Tamara Al-Halaseh

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