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How Conscious are you?

Ever Journey Collab with the Conscious Tribe.

In the true meaning(spirit) of ‘conscious’, The Conscious Tribe is a proudly South African company providing an online one-stop and retailer of locally operated, socially conscious, eco-friendly and sustainably made products.

An easy-to-use innovative online digital platform, The Conscious Tribe provides an opportunity to support the local economy by giving small, owner-run businesses – who produce eco-friendly and socially conscious products – a space to be able to showcase and sell their products nationally.

They have a rapidly expanding product range, of food & drink, bath & body, home & décor and other products. The Conscious Tribe stocks well over 150 locally produced sustainable goods, and their unique product range is growing by the day.

Operating from Johannesburg, The Conscious Tribe was founded during the South African lockdown period; fully owned and operated by two amazing and resourceful women, Luanshia Moodley and Sharon Govender. Luanshia has a solid background in Human Resources and a passion for people, and Sharon, a former corporate consultant who founded Odd Wine Out– a boutique online wine retailer are the minds behind this innovative concept that creates shared value for all partners.  Both women share a contagious passion for everything sustainable and green. I had the privilege to speak to the ladies about their journey of starting their business during lock down.

We started by making homemade & simple, easy to use pizza kits during lock down, which we offered with a perfectly paired bottle of wine – to our surprise, this took off so well! We then expanded on the idea and realised there was a gap in the market for small businesses to show case their products and become more accessible to the online community.’’

‘’With everyone experiencing different challenges during lock down, many individuals lost their jobs and started new business ventures or had great products but could not market it due to the national lock down – we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to grow on this idea and create our own online platform –showcasing specific products that are in line with our values of being green & conscious. We provide the end-to-end distribution of these products nationally which allows these small businesses to focus on manufacturing. Our ultimate aim is to enable small businesses to reach a wider market through our platform and ensure sustainable growth for all our stakeholders. We also wanted to give all South Africans and beyond, access to the amazing products that small businesses have to offer!’’ Luanshia Moodley

You got to love these two ladies, being so passionate about what they do, they only stock companies on their platform who are aligned with their values and passion for sustainability and eco-friendly products: ‘’Everything from creation to packaging of these products on our platform needs to be sustainable – We have even helped many of the companies on our platform change their packaging to more eco-friendly packaging – so that it is in line with what we believe in.’’ ‘’ we are now truly living the ethos and have even changed our own lifestyle during the process of creating this brand’’. Luanshia Moodley

With the awareness that consumers are increasingly price and product conscious and more deliberate in choosing environmentally friendly and socially conscious products, The Conscious Tribe provides a central platform for consumers to buy and support local, without the tedious exercise of sourcing different products, from different suppliers, delivered to your door. The Conscious Tribe offer small businesses a way to reach a new client base with minimal effort or risk.

The Conscious Tribe also offers a specialist gifting service; using their extensive range of products and supplier networks ; they are able to curate bespoke gifts for personal and corporate clients suitable for all occasions. “Each gift is meticulously packaged and purposed for the receiver, making gifting a unique and fulfilling experience for both the giver and the receiver. We want to bring back the personal touch to gifting and pride ourselves on creating a whole experience instead of a trinket in a box” – Sharon Govender

Their vision is to grow into an innovative, inclusive space for lovers of all things local and all things socially conscious. Whether you’re looking for sustainably sourced honey to sweeten your afternoon cup of organic rooibos, handmade rusks or a gift to show appreciation to the special people in your life, The Conscious Tribe have got you covered and just in time for your Christmas gifts shopping.

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Article written by Tamara Al-Halaseh