About Me

”Don’t let anyone dictate how you should feel about something that you are passionate about.”

Tamara Al-Halaseh
Hi , I am Tamara, I will be your guide

Hi, I am Tamara!

I am an internationally certified Executive Business Coach, Life Coach & Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Hypnotherapist (Certification obtained at Action Factory South Africa). I hold a Bachelor of Arts (hons) in Business Management Studies with Systems Practice obtained at the Arab Open University (through partnership with the Open University of the United Kingdom), with almost 10 years’ experience in corporate. I started my journey in corporate as a personal assistant and an au peer – and within a few years becoming a Managing Director of an Information Communications Technology company (CipherWave Home-Connect).

My current day job (which I love!) is solving complex client prolems, by providing business IT solutions using Augmented and virtual reality at Fuzzy Logic.

I love working with people and in my business career, I have always had a calling to motivate those around me to do their best and to love what they are doing- whether it’s on a business or personal level.

I personally know how difficult and challenging the ‘Journey’ can be trying to balance your personal and business life, and sometimes we may just need a guide to help us to manage all the roles and responsibilities we have – in a very chaotic & complex world!

My wellness and personal development journey started around 2019 and since then I have heavily invested in my personal journey , and experienced personal transformation , that changes and develops as I grow as an individual.

As a strong Business development professional with a deep passion for Personal , Leadership Development, Wellness, and Positive Psychology, I decided to started Ever Journey Coaching in July of 2020, to guide others to live out their true purpose, to accomplish their life goals on their Journey of life. While reminding them to be balanced ( Mind, Body & Spirit) as well as present in the moment- reminding them to enjoy the Journey along the way!

Besides the coaching , I am also a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher accredited by Yoga Alliance, and a free-lance photographer.

I am excited to be your guide and to walk with you on your Journey of Life!

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