Coaching Package for Interns

A unique, informative and exploratory coaching & training framework for interns, to guide them in their personal & professional journey. This coaching & training package is ideal for employees starting out in their working careers at any business. Sign them up for a unique training & coaching experience to enrich them and give them the tools to master being great in their working career.

About This Training

As interns, working in our first or second full-time internship roles. We may tend to feel unsure of ourselves, and we feel that no one is actually ‘seeing our work efforts’ – only our mistakes are perhaps being highlighted to us repeatedly.

We may feel attacked and criticized for our work outputs  – when really we are trying and doing our best. 

How do we stay positive and involved at work when we are the ‘new kid on the block’ at the company?

How do we move through this new, yet perhaps uncharted territory in our ‘first-time jobs’? 

We may feel so alone & unsure of ourselves in our roles, but we wish that someone could mentor us, and guide us, and help us be better at what we are starting off to do in our jobs. 

There is a lot we may wish someone had taught us or told us before we started our internship ( or our first or second entry-level position). 

Knowing the ins and outs of the workplace and how to behave can be overwhelming, use this course to guide you. 

To help you reframe negative situations that may occur with objectivity, to work better with others and to overall improve on a personal & professional level and even to get to know yourself better during the process. 

  • If you want to get the best out of your interns,  you need to equip them with the know-how and assist them in being the best they can be, in their professional journeys. 
  • Self-development feeds into professional development. 
  • Self-development makes us better at our roles and in our personal lives.

How to get the best results out of our interns?

  • Ensuring Interns have a sense of self-awareness so that they can have a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses and a greater appreciation of different personality types that empowers them when working with others. ( Teaching them about the 9 Enneagram personality types) 
  • Guiding Interns to communicate effectively in the workplace, with other team members, clients and suppliers. Teaching them to be active listeners. 
  • Warning them of the blind spot of perception, assumptions & cognitive biases that may arise in the workplace, and to see with a different eye, that their view is not the only view – as our minds, deletes, distort and generalises. 
  • Helping interns navigate through dealing with difficult people and how to handle gossip should it arise in your office. 
  • Teaching your interns how to manage themselves including standard workplace behaviour.
  • Teaching interns the benefits of receiving feedback and how to handle criticism 
  • Suggesting & sharing tools to help interns manage their time effectively 
  • Teaching interns how to take accountability & responsibility for their role. 
  • Enabling self-mastery, teaching your intern how to reframe challenging & difficult situations.
  • Equipping them to control their emotions. Sharing with them how to build rapport with those around them to build lasting and strong connections. Enabling them to build confidence and take charge of their own personal development and ultimately their personal & professional career. 

Topics to be covered:

Topic 1: Knowing yourself

  • Knowing yourself & personality type (Enneagram)
  • Develop the practice of self-awareness
  • Identify your core values

Topic 2: How to communicate in the workplace

  • Effective communication 
  • Effective Listening
  • Perception & assumptions
  • Cognitive Bias

Topic 3: How to interact with others

  • Team Work & Teamwork skills
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • How to handle Gossip 

Topic 4: How to manage yourself 

  • Workplace behaviour 
  • How to handle criticism 
  • Manage time
  • How to take accountability & Responsibility 

Topic 5: Personal Mastery:

  • Reframing 
  • Control your emotions
  • Mindfulness at work
  • Making connections & Using Rapport to make connections
  • Body Language 
  • Bonus set an anchor

What does this program entail?

5 x 90 min online one-to-one training sessions conducted over 5 weeks.

I offer a 30 min call to see if this program is a fit for your interns in your business.

The total cost for the coaching program is R4025.00 paid upfront.