Professional Coaching

Executive, Business or Leadership Coaching

Professional Coaching: Executive Business & Leadership Coaching

Professional Coaching

Professional coaching is a thought-provoking, introspective, and creative process.
We believe and honour our client , as the expert in his or her work-life , and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole. We merely aid our clients in the coaching process, through the dialogue and activities , to be able to pin down strategic action-plans and solutions for the challenges or difficulties they may be facing – in order to help them grow in their professional role(s) throughout their working careers.

Professional coaching at EverJOURNEY entails 3 different types of professional coaching namely:
Executive, Business or Leadership Coaching– which one you chose is dependent on your professional coaching requirements.

The process of professional coaching empowers the individual (whether they are a business owner , a business executive, a leader or a manager ) to maximise their professional potential on a wide variety of business aspects.

What is Executive Coaching?

An executive coach guides & helps individuals to gain confidence, self-awareness, and to clarify and guide them in achieving their business or executive development objectives , and or goals within their executive role or career.

What is Business Coaching?

Specifically for business owners. A business coach guides & helps a business owner in running a successful business ; by helping them clarify the vision and mission of their business ; and executing the overall desired business goals & strategy .
Business coaching entails the process of getting a business from where it is now ; to where the business owner wants it to be.

We guide business owners to think wholistically about their business as a whole organisation and ; not just in separate silos or departments.

Some aspects of business coaching would involve competitive analysis, threats /risks, succession/legacy planning, contingency planning/business continuity, strategy, customer service … and much more.

What is Leadership Coaching?

A leadership coach guides & helps both upcoming, or experienced leaders, to maximise their performance and increase their leadership & communication skills in the workplace, providing them the platform and support to enable them to lead a team/business unit or organisation effectively, in line with the overall business vision and strategy.

How can Executive, Business or Leadership Coaching with EverJOURNEY help?

  • As we know there are many challenges that business owners , business executives and leaders face in today’s complex and ever changing fast paced world .
  • Professionals & Business Executives are now , more than ever, expected to constantly re-invent themselves by being adaptable to change, improve & increase productivity, provide excellent service to their customers, and to provide effective and strategic solutions to current & upcoming challenges, all this, while remaining ahead of their competitors.
  • A business/professional coach helps you on your professional journey to identify threats & challenges and enables you to find the solutions to overcome these challenges— with your natural talents, strengths, core values, and vision for your professional life.
  • A business/professional coach will enable you to use your resources & capabilities, and to guide in finding & creating positive strategic decisions & solutions ; that are powerful, impactful and , provide you the most desired & optimum results.
  • Professional Coaching empowers you and aids you to achieve your strategic business goals & objectives , while improving your overall performance and increasing the business revenue & profits.

How can professional coaching help me in my business or executive or leadership role?

  • Improve Productivity
  • Improve communication & collaboration
  • Improve company morale
  • Increase Motivation
  • Improved team performance
  • Defined Focus and strategy
  • Identifying blockages, weaknesses and blind spots in your business
  • Identify potential risks and work towards curbing losses associated with those risks
  • Define and implement Business continuity & contingency plans
  • Behavioral changes
  • Clarity and vision for your business
  • Shared & collective vision
  • Accountability
  • Culture shift
  • Increased emotional intelligence

How long should I hire a busines coach for?

  • EverJOURNEY provides one-on-one coaching for professionals ; or for members that are part of a management team in a corporate organisation.

Individual one-on-one Professional coaching:

A minimum of 3 months commitment is required for one-on-one Professional coaching ( Executive Business & Leadership Coaching ).

The rates of which are the same as personal life coaching, a commitment of 3 months for the coaching process and payment is required upfront.


55$ USD per 90 min

40£ GBP per 90 min

45€ EUR per 90 min

R750 ZAR per 90 min

Team Leader, Manager or Leadership coaching

  • For several members of a management team.
    • Team Leader, Manager or Leadership coaching is available for team members that are part of one organisation, they would be coached individually and as part of a team.
    • An Initial 30 min scoping meeting to understand your management’s team business coaching requirements  
    • Once we have discussed your requirements a formal quote will be provided.
    • A minimum of 6 months commitment is required for Team Manager or Leadership coaching and payment is required upfront.

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