Facilitation & Workshops

Group Workshop Facilitation

What is a Facilitator?

The definition of facilitate is “to make easy” or “ease a process.”

What a facilitator does is, plan, guide and manage a ‘planned’ group event , to ensure that the group’s objectives are met effectively, with clear thinking, active participation and full buy-in from everyone who is involved.

What is a workshop?

Workshops involves taking a group of individuals through an interactive & engaging session, with the facilitator as the guide, in order to collaboratively progress towards a personal or collective goal or an outcome.

What is meant by Workshop Facilitation?

A workshop is an interactive event that is planned in advance, and the objectives are agreed upon before the workshop is run.

The role of the facilitator , during the planned workshop setting, is to plan and lead certain activities and instructions in order to help the group participants do their best clear, focused & creative thinking together (or individually) and to produce the best optimal plan or strategy that is in line with the desired outcomes ( be it professional, personal or wellness related).

Objectivity is key; facilitators come from a neutral place, we are not responsible so much for the outcomes , however we lead the session to ensure that the best possible plan/outcome/objectives are met.

Facilitators would allow each participant to contribute fully and equally and enabling a shared, collaborative outcome that the group endorses and agrees upon to work towards ; as a team , or an individual (be in a business or in a personal setting); should collective participation be required.

Personal reflection Guided Workshops

Worksop can be ‘personal & reflective’. Whereby the activities encourage personal reflection, and the participants need not share their personal experiences with others. To elaborate; the participants can partake in the activities in a group setting , but without necessarily sharing their personal experiences or findings with others . They are guided , with help from the facilitator, through the activities to make their own personal reflections ( and participation & sharing their personal findings & experiences with others would purely depend on the setting and or the desired outcomes).

How long do the workshops last?

EverJOURNEY Facilitation Workshops can be tailored according to your specific requirements, however in order to provide the best experience ; we do suggest a minimum bookings of 2 consecutive hours for a planned workshop.  Workshops may even run for a full day or over a few days , depending on the desired objectives. Group sizes are flexible however this would be agreed upon in advance.  

Does EverJourney offer awareness Talk(s) or topic talks?

1 hour focused talks can also be arranged in advance should the need be required. These are not interactive and do not require any participation from the participants, these are merely informative and topics are dependent on the clients requirements.

What are the costs of a Workshop Facilitation Session?

Initial 30 min scoping meeting to understand your requirement is free of charge.

Once we have discussed your requirements and agreed upon the objectives for the workshop(s) a formal quote will be provided.

Contact me to discuss your next company workshop – be it a professional , personal or wellness workshops.

Where do the workshops take place?

Workshops can be done remotely (via virtual meeting ) or at a hired venue or at your offices. Travel and venue hire would be factored into the quotation.

Contact me to facilitate your next workshop!

Workshops Offered:

Business, Leadership & Management Workshops:
  • Company Goal Setting & Planning
  • Strategy & Planning sessions
  • Defining Company Vision, Mission & Culture
  • Values Vision & Goal setting
  • Leading & Managing Teams for Team leaders
  • Leadership & management workshops for executives
  • Creative thinking workshops
  • Business Plans

Wellness Workshops:

  • Employee Wellness
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Wellness Wheel
  • Self-Talk
  • Emotions
  • Creative workshops
  • Motivation
  • Goal setting
  • Body, Mind & Emotions
  • Yoga Workshops
  • Breath Work Workshops

And much more…

Feel Free to Contact Me for any questions !