Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Is your first consultation really free?

Yes , your first coaching consult is offered free for 30min at no cost! You can book the session by sending an email or book via the bookings page.

What are your payment terms?

  • Payment are in advance.
  • Payments can be done via EFT or PayPal, please click here for banking details or here for PayPal link.
  • Cancelled sessions will be charged, unless 72 hours’ notice is given and for genuine medical reasons.

How many sessions can I book?

  • You can book as many sessions as you like.
  • Please enquire about our coaching packages for 3, 6 , 12 months

I only require one session is that ok?

Yes, that’s fine. Coaching is best when done over a consistent time period, however some clients get the required benefits and feedback they need from one session.

How will the sessions be conducted?

  • All sessions are currently conducted via Microsoft teams, click here to download.
  • Alternatives are over Skype or WhatsApp call.
  • Please read what is required for the online session below.

What do I need for the session?

For the online one-on-one coaching meeting please ensure the following:

1.   That you have a stable & reliable internet connection during the duration of the call.

2.   That Microsoft teams is downloaded & operational on your Mac/PC or phone.

–     You can join via web browser or download the application here.

–     Please test your audio and video before the session – to ensure your audio & video is clear. 

–     Please ensure that your face is visible during the entire duration of the session.

3.   Have a comfortable and quiet space with no interruptions for the entire duration of the session

4.   Please put your cell phone on silent for the session.

5.   Have some A4 paper, sticky notes, pens and a journal handy.

6.   A desk, where your PC can rest on comfortably, some additional chairs ( if required) and a space to move around – for the NLP techniques and methods, you may be asked to move around the room for guided visualizations techniques etc..

7.   For personal life coaching: the Completed EverJOURNEY questionnaire must be completed & emailed to info@ever-journey.com 48 hours before the session. The link can be found here.

8.   Have an open mind & be relaxed for the session.

How can I schedule a follow up?

Ever journey prides itself on aiding individuals on their personal development journey, we work on customers demand’s and any request for follow up sessions may be scheduled on the customer’s request. Contact us for package options. 3, 6 & 12 Months coaching contracts available. You can schedule a session via the booking link or contact Tamara directly via email or click on the chat now link option for WhatsApp or FaceBook messenger on our webite.

What are your Coaching Terms & conditions?

Please refer to the coaching agreement here.

Are the sessions private and confidential?

Yes, the sessions are private & confidential.

By accepting a session, you confirm & acknowledge that you are psychologically sound and know of no reason (medical, psychological or otherwise) why you should not undertake coaching.

Should you be on any prescribed medication that could adversely impact the coaching process or seeing a counsellor or therapist, please notify the coach accordingly , and notify the coach of any possible changes during the coaching relationship.

By accepting a session, you hereby also confirm & acknowledge , that any information shared that may danger your life or the life of others , will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

What about security & privacy of my information ?

EverJOURNEY respects your privacy and complies with EU GDPR, and the local Protection of Personal Information Act (or POPI Act) standards. None of your information will be shared with any 3rd party companies or applications.

I have to cancel my session.

  • For cancellations please provide the Coach at least 72 hours’ notice of the cancellation, otherwise you will be held liable for the session cancelled.
  • No refunds on cancelled sessions will be provided.

I had an emergency and cannot attend a session, what should I do?

For genuine medical emergencies please make contact with everJOURNEY as possible , rescheduling will be dependent on the situation (no refunds will be offered).

How can I join the EverJOURNEY newsletter ?

You can subscribe to the everJOURNEY Newsletter here.

How can I contact Tamara?

Contact Tamara directly via email

You can leave a request to be contacted on our contact us page or sedning an email to tamara@ever-journey.com

You can schedule a session via the booking link

or click on the chat now link option for WhatsApp or FaceBook messenger on our webite.

Any other questions ?

Please feel free to reach out via the contact page and Tamara will get back to you as soon as possible.