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Take steps to change your life!

Individual Life coaching sessions with Tamara, using NLP techniques I guide you to identify the changes that need to happen in your life, using a systematic approach to help you do so and hold you accountable to make the necessary changes to live a more engaged and happier life.

Make a change towards living a more purposeful, mindful and happier life with me as your personal guide. 

What you will get:

5 sessions 1 hour each to be conducted online within 6 months

Session 1: Helping you to assess your current life state – to organise your thinking and what is needed to make changes in key areas in your life. 

Session 2: How to get out of a stuck state that you may be going through, and how to move forward towards the bright new future you envision for yourself.

Session 3: A strategic Goal Setting Coaching Session ( personal, professional or wellness or all 3).

Season 4: Overcoming limiting beliefs or behaviours and guiding you to installing new encouraging and uplifting beliefs and behaviours in your life that you can access when you need them. 

Session 5: Mind, Body, Soul intro session (a unique wellness coaching session based on 2 years of research, to help you work towards implementing & achieving your personal health & wellness goals).

Yes, I am in! I want to change my life

Valued @R3250 – Priced @R2500 once off

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Sign up before the end of December 2022.

Sessions are to be used within 6 months of purchase.

Packages are to be paid 100% upfront.

All sessions are conducted online

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