About Me

”Don’t let anyone dictate how you should feel about something that you are passionate about.”

Tamara Al-Halaseh

Hi, I am Tamara!

I am an internationally certified Executive Business Coach, Life Coach & Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP) and Hypnotherapist.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Management Studies with Systems Practice.  With over 10 years of experience in corporate business environments. I started my professional journey as a personal assistant and an au peer – and within a few years became a Managing Director in the Information Communications Technology (ICT) industry where I launched and managed a Fibre to Home (FTTH) – Internet Service Provider (ISP) company for a few years. 

As a strong business development professional with a deep passion for Personal Development and Wellness, I launched Ever Journey Coaching in July 2020, to guide others to live out their true purpose and to accomplish both their personal, professional and wellness goals – on their journey of life. 

My own personal journey of discovery into healing, wellness and personal development started in 2019 and since then I have heavily invested in my own continuous learning and self-exploration – encouraging my own personal transformation in my life, which evolves as I grow as an individual.

I personally know how difficult and challenging the ‘Journey’ can be.  Trying to balance your personal, professional & wellness dimensions in life, and sometimes we may just need a guide along the way, to enable us to change, manage and balance ourselves to find our own unique inner peace, within a very chaotic, stressful and busy life. 

A guide, to navigate you, to walk alongside you, to encourage you to live a more balanced, meaningful and deeply engaged life.

I am excited to be your guide and to walk with you on your Journey of Life!


Besides coaching and offering training workshops, I am also a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher accredited by Yoga Alliance and a freelance photographer.


  • 2011 Bachelor of Arts with Honors (Hons) Business Management Systems
  • 2020, 200 hours of Yoga Teachers Training, Yoga Alliance certified
  • 2020 Internationally accredited 80 hours NLP Practitioner.
  • 2020 Internationally accredited 50 hours Life Coaching Certificate.
  • 2020 Internationally accredited 40 hours Hypnotherapy Certificate
  • 2020 Internationally accredited 40 hours of training in Executive and Business Coaching Certificate.
  • 2021 Mindfulness for Mental Strength (8-week Science-Based Mindfulness Certificate) 16 CEU
  • 2021 Shadow Work Integration Course 16 hours.

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